Gonna Lose My Mind!

There are some days that I am sure I am going to lose my mind. Today was one of them. For some reason my 4 year old was either bouncing off the walls or whining all day. There was no in between. It was like something had got a hold of him this afternoon and he could not be still. He was destroying the house, wrestling with his sister, making his sister cry and arguing with his daddy and I. Then to top off the night, he wet his pants during Sunday night church. He hasn’t wet his pants in more than a year, I couldn’t believe it. Thank goodness he has been much calmer since we’ve been home from church tonight. I’m not sure I could keep my sanity if he was still acting out right now. Next challenge: bed time.

On the other hand baby girl was very pleasant today. That was a good thing, if she had been at my feet all day with him acting up I might have had to lock myself in a room to decompress for a bit.

Mom Stuff

Well, both my kids peed on the bathroom floor tonight. One before I mopped the floor and one after I mopped. I remember when, as a teenager, I told my mom that I was not born to clean toilets. Now I regularly clean up stuff that I would have considered to be more gross than a toilet. It’s amazing how your views and priorities change as you have kids.

Also, why is that when you need your kids to hurry up in the bath tub they want to play and cry when you make them get out. However, when you need them to stay occupied in the bath tub for a few minutes they cry to get out??? Tonight I put both kids in the tub after the first one peed on the floor. I thought that would be the perfect time to sweep & mop the floor, afterall I needed to sit in the bathroom as they bathed, I may as well get some chores done while I do it. As soon as I started sweeping M started throwing a fit to get out of the tub. She never does that. I swear, sometimes I think kids just know when you need to get something done and they make it their goal to keep you from accomplishing your task. Somehow I did manage to get the bathroom floor cleaned (twice since child 2 peed on it after I mopped), 2 loads of laundry folded and the dishwasher loaded before I finally gave up and crashed on the couch.