Just a Few Thoughts

Just a few thoughts tonight….

First, my kids crack me up. They are always doing or saying something that just floors me. I wish I would write these things down when they do/say them. I never can remember when I sit down to write.

We had pancakes for supper at L’s request. He loves his pancakes. However, M does not appear to like pancakes at all. She refused to eat them. Instead she ate cheese and a banana. I guess that’s probably more healthy than pancakes covered in butter & syrup.

I tried to multitask tonight. L & M were in the bathtub so I thought I would take advantage of having to be in the bathroom while they played by cleaning the bathroom. Let me tell you, it is very hard to sweep a floor while the kids are splashing water everywhere. They weren’t splashing until I needed to sweep the floor. M was also happy in the tub until I started cleaning. As soon as I picked up the broom & mop she wanted out. I did manage to finish though, just took some coaxing for them.

Right now L is telling me he’s tired. He’s ready to cuddle in my lap. Yep, I think that’s a good idea.

Baby #3!!!!

We’ve had some exciting news in our house this week. We are expecting another baby!! We are a little surprised but very excited. There are no greater blessings than children. The way I figure it I will be due the end of June. Another summer baby.

L made the big announcement in an interesting way to his class on Friday. He was having his fall party, his daddy & I went. The teacher asked him to say the prayer. He said “God please help me and Macy to be good big brothers and big sisters and be with the baby in mommy’s tummy” I immediately started crying. That was the sweetest prayer I’ve ever heard. And, what a way to announce it to his daycare, we had not even had a chance to tell all of our family.

Tonight we watched Robin Hood. After the movie was over L came down the hall carrying a bow, shotgun and light saber (all toys of course). His daddy asked him who he was going to fight. He looked at us like we were crazy and said “I’m just pretending”. He cracks me up, he keeps things interesting around here. I guess I better go try to put him to bed.