Dad & the Doctor

Now that it’s been a couple of weeks since this incident I can laugh about it. Johnny had to take the kids to the doctor a couple of weeks ago because they both had ear infections. I was in Pine Bluff, my mom and his mom were working. To start with it should tell you something that the father of my children is #4 on the list of people to take them to the doctor. Things did not go so well. After being called into the exam room they had been waiting about 20-25 min when M pooped in her diaper and L kept saying he needed to go to the bathroom. Johnny of course did not have the diaper bag because he was not planning on taking the kids anywhere that day. Instead of going to find a bathroom for L and asking a nurse for a diaper for M, Johnny just left. He just walked out of the office without seeing the doctor. I could not believe it, I was furious. I had to call the doctor’s office and apologize for his actions. Thank goodness they were able to see us the next day (on a Saturday) and did not charge for the appointment that he walked out on. However, I did have to wait 2 hours in the office that Saturday morning to see the doctor. I did make Johnny go with us, he just sat in the car for that 2 hours. That will be the last time Johnny takes the kids to the doctor and he is very thrilled about that. Kind of makes me wonder if he did it on purpose….hmmmm. 🙂

On to other topics, we now have 1 week until Christmas. I am not sure I’m ready. Johnny and I are going to finish up our Christmas shopping tomorrow. It should be fun, we’ll be getting all of M’s presents. I love buying girl stuff, makes me want to be a kid again.


Chaos, everywhere we go my kids and I bring chaos. I have to be honest though, I myself have always brought chaos. My mother has always said the minute I walk into a room the chaos starts (or something similar to that). I guess it’s because I’m just so high strung. My poor parents were the recipients of our chaos tonight. I thought it would be such a simple, calm visit. All we were doing was taking my mom a necklace someone had made for her and going to see a cake she was working on. I thought we’d visit for a bit and be little distraction. Instead we completely turned their night upside down.

My little boy is easy, poor kid actually gets overlooked a lot because he is so quiet compared to his sister. L just sat and watched tv in the kitchen, every once in a while asking Memaw a question about cakes or looking for something to eat. M however is a totally different story. She is my wild child. She immediatly clung to her Memaw, didn’t want anything to do with anyone else. Bad part was Memaw was trying to finish the cake she was decorating. M also discovered the water cooler. She was obsessed with putting water in a glass but then not drinking it. She also screams, if she doesn’t get exactly what she wants she screams. Most of the time its not even a cry, just a scream. It’s very unnerving.

My sister and her husband also came over, as did my grandparents. With all of us in the same two rooms you could not even hear yourself think. I’m not sure I finished a conversation with anyone, of course in the midst of all of this I was also showing my grandmother how to work iTunes. By the time the kids and I left I was just apologizing to my mother for the chaotic night we had just had. She of course seemed unfazed, as always. I however was about ready to have a melt down.

I guess I just need to get used to the chaos that we bring, especially considering that we will soon have a 3rd child here.