Sleep Talking Toddler

I’m still amazed at the new things I learn about my kids all the time. Today I discovered something about my almost 2 year old, he’s a fever sleep talker. It’s hilarious! The director of his daycare texted me today telling me that Noah was very restless while sleeping which is unusual for him. She was watching him and he started talking in his sleep. He was saying “hop little bunny (insert giggle) hop little bunny.” He was obviously dreaming about a bunny. Within an hour the daycare had called me to come pick him up because he was running a fever.

Right now he is in bed and his fever is going up again. He is once again talking in his sleep. So far he’s talked about chocolate milk and dinosaurs. I have a feeling it’s going to be a long night. At least he seems to be having good dreams even though he is sick.

I’m Trying…

I’m trying so hard to be a good mommy and I don’t always get it right. Tonight I was reminded not to be too busy for my children. I had tucked Macy into bed, read her a story and said her prayers. Then, like I do everynight, I sat with her for just a minute and then told her I’d be right back. (Yes, I “trick” her into falling asleep without me each night. If I sat next to her and held her hand like she wanted every night then my laundry list of chores would never get done.) So, I went on about my usual nightly routine and I hear her call for me. I try to put her off but she keeps calling for me. I stomped into her room ready to tell her that mommy was busy but then something stopped me. I know God was telling me to slow down and listen. Instead of telling her I was “too busy” to sit with her I just went straight to her bed and took her hand. Her sweet, innocent face just lit up with a smile as she snuggled down into her pillow. As she was drifting off to sleep she says “Mommy, I go to sleep better when you hold my hand.”

Wow, this stopped me in my tracks. I need these reminders sometimes (really daily) that I need to slow down and just enjoy the “littleness” (yes, I know that is not a word) of my children. In a few years she won’t let me tuck her in, much less hold her hand as she falls asleep. I need to savor every one of these precious moments that God has gifted me with.

Thank you Lord Jesus for my daughter and thank you for the moments when you remind me of how precious my time with my kids really is.