Lucky 13

Here’s a video from Logan and I shooting trap together the day after his birthday.

How in the world is Logan 13 years old already? We celebrated his birthday this week. It’s pretty neat to see how much he has matured in the past year. Every year on his birthday, I also tell Kira, “Happy Mother’s Day”. Because on this day 13 years ago, we became parents for the first time. Oh, we were sooo naive and young. Just like everyone that has a child for the first time. As I am also getting ready to turn 40 this year, I guess I am even more emotional than usual. I just like to reflect back on the past 13 years and think about all that we have accomplished and experienced as a family. Let’s highlight some of those.

I can think about so many other things, but I just highlighted a few. I remember saying to Kira in 2016 that we only had about a 5 year window to experience some great summers with our kids before Logan gets really busy with school/band in the summer. That’s why we decided to pack up and hit the road to Disney and to Yellowstone. Oh how the time has flown. Sometimes I wish I could go back to that first day that we brought Logan home. I remember the feeling when we walked into the house for the first time as a family. I remember looking at Kira and thinking “What do we do now?”. I think we’ve done good K. Let’s keep it up.

Here’s a video that I made for Kira when Logan was 2 or so.

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