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Goodbye Nevada, Hello California!

Wandering West, Day 8, Friday, July 2, 2021

Today was a travel day, and thank goodness it was an uneventful travel day. We hit the road around 6:30 am headed west toward California. Today took us 431 miles and through Bakersfield, Fresno, and finally to Oakhurst where we are camping for the next 3 nights as we explore Yosemite National Park.

Well, kind of camping here. Oakhurst is just outside of the South Entrance to Yosemite. but it takes about an hour and a half to drive it. So, our plan is to tent camp in Upper Pines Campground in Yosemite Valley tomorrow night, which will allow us more time to spend in the park. I know, so many people have told us we’re crazy, but I don’t care. I’m actually very excited about this experience. I love the comfort of my camper but I want to experience a night of “roughing it” under the stars in the middle of Yosemite National Park.

Tonight, once we got settled into our campground here in Oakhurst, we all went out for a good meal at a local Italian restaurant in town. Then, we spent the rest of the evening packing up the trucks with all the gear we’ll need for hiking, biking, and camping tomorrow.

So, since today was an uneventful day of driving, I’ll go ahead and wrap this up. The next time you hear from us will be after we’ve returned from our 2-day adventure through Yosemite!!!

We’re parked at High Sierra RV Park in Oakhurst, CA
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