Many people ask about us, and how JKLMN came about. John and Kira are high school sweethearts and were married in 2002. After Logan was born, they realized that they were now JKL. They decided to keep it going with Macy and Noah. You can read a little bit about each of us below.


John has served as the Administrator of a Southern Baptist Church since 2013. Prior to that he was a Branch Manager of a local bank for over 10 years. John enjoys hunting, fishing, running, hiking, camping, and most importantly spending time with his family. He graduated with a degree in Management of Information Systems from Arkansas State University in 2002.


Kira works as the Chief of Staff at a local law firm overseeing 5 locations. She has been employed there for her entire professional career since 2002. Kira enjoys running and working out, reading, painting, organizing, and spending time with her family. Kira graduated from Arkansas State University with a degree in Broadcast Journalism in 2002.


Logan is a Sophomore in high school. He is a Tenor Saxophone player in the marching band. He enjoys playing video games, spending time with friends, hunting and fishing, and spending time with his youth group at church.


Macy is a sixth grader in middle school. She is a FRIENDS fanatic! She plays piano, and will begin learning how to play the alto saxophone when school starts in the fall. She is very creative, she loves to draw and paint.


Noah is our fun loving fifth grader! He loves World War II and Star Wars movies. He likes legos, building models, and playing with friends. He loves to draw and has an imagination as big as the Grand Canyon!!!