Today I Hid in the Bathroom

I know you have all been there. Any mother knows that sometimes you just need a few minutes of peace. Tonight was one of those nights. It’s been a busy, tiring day. It was filled with rearranging rooms, cleaning off porches and cutting down a tree. All of this with my three kids and my sweet nephew running around plus the in-laws.

So there I was, finishing baths (3rd of the day), picking up toys and doing laundry with my two youngest following my every step. They weren’t looking for a few seconds so I slipped into the bathroom and locked the door, (Feeling very thankful that the hubby fixed the lock a couple weeks ago). Finally, a few minutes of quiet. They don’t have to know that all I’m doing is checking the Yahoo headlines and Facebook.

I wish I could say I actually had some peace, however it only took about 30 seconds to hear two sets of feet running down the hall. Macy yelling “Where’s mom?”, Noah snickering “She’s in the bathroom.” Me thinking, I can deal with this a while, they can’t open that door. Macy yells “wait, I’ll get something to open it Noah!”.  Noah says “she’s at the sink!” What, how do they know that. How are those little eyes spying through the door?!? Then I hear it, the sound of the bobby pin in the door lock. Yep, Macy has seen me do it a few too many times. There goes my few minutes of peace. Pep talk to myself “suck it up butter cup, they need you.”

Published by Kira Bridges

First of all I'm a believer in Jesus Christ as my personal Lord and savior. Second, I'm a wife & a mother. I am happily married to the most wonderful man in the world, Johnny Bridges. We have a 3 beautiful children, Logan, Macy & Noah. I am blessed & thankful for the blessings God has given me.

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