The County Fair…A Love/Hate Relationship

Tonight my family went to the Garland County Fair. We do not go to the fair every year. To be honest, most years I try my best to avoid it. I do not like chasing my kids in crowds, dirt, rickety rides, vendors yelling at me, and over priced games. I know, I know, what kind of person am I. The county fair is just something you do.

Well, this year, we had to go and for a very good reason. My daughter entered a photograph she took in the Kid’s Creative Arts Photography Contest. She was so excited. Our neighbor, Susan, is a photographer and Macy loves to go “help” her take pictures when she sees her outside with her camera. Susan  was taking pictures this past spring and she let Macy try out the camera. She showed her how to focus it and everything. Well, the result was a great picture of a daffodil. Our neighbor even printed the picture and told us how to enter it in the fair. And guess what, Macy won 1st place and Best of Show in her age division!!!!!

So, we had to go to the fair.

The kids were super excited. It probably didn’t help that we couldn’t go until Thursday night. The kids spent all week asking when we get to go and what we get to do when we get there. (It sounds like I never let them have any fun.) Thank goodness Big Daddy and Memaw wanted to go with us. There is nothing like three kids pulling you in three different directions, we needed the extra hands.

Logan: “Mom, we’re wasting time, I want to play the games!”, “Mom, why can’t I ride any rides?”, “Mom, what do you think about Pokémon?”

Macy: “Let’s go see my picture!” “What kind of soap is this?” (bar soap in the bathroom), “I want to see the animals!”, “I’m not going in there, I want to see the animals!”, “I want a balloon!”, “Take me to the games!”, “Can we ride a ride if we’ve ridden it before?”, “I don’t want to play this game”, “It’s not fair, Logan played more games”

Noah: “I want to see the animals”, “Take me to the cows”, “Is that a girl or a boy goat?”, “I’m thirsty!”, “I need to potty!”, “I want to play that game!” “I don’t want this balloon anymore.”

In the end, we saw the animals, admired Macy’s picture, played a few games, survived a couple of Macy fits, and WON 2 GOLDFISH!

I’ll admit, I had fun. Despite the dirt, crowds, vendors & over priced games.

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First of all I'm a believer in Jesus Christ as my personal Lord and savior. Second, I'm a wife & a mother. I am happily married to the most wonderful man in the world, Johnny Bridges. We have a 3 beautiful children, Logan, Macy & Noah. I am blessed & thankful for the blessings God has given me.

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