JKLMN take on Disney…Part 3

Sunday, May 20, 2017, 11:46 pm….Fort Wilderness Campground…Falling asleep

Wow, what a day! Nothing can prepare you for a day in the Magic Kingdom. I don’t care how much prep work you have done, how many blogs you have read or maps you have looked at. Walking into the Magic Kingdom immediately makes you feel like a child again and then is complete sensory overload the rest of the day.

We arrived at “rope drop” this morning. Of course, being rookies, we didn’t have a clue where anything was or where to go first. We basically wondered around in a circle for a while. We did meet several Princesses right away, which Macy loved (Noah & Logan not so much).

One of the highlights of the day was Enchanted Tales with Belle. It’s basically a little story that they pick kids from the audience to act out the story of Beauty and the Beast with Belle. Macy got picked to be the Beast. That meant she got to dance with Belle. The look on her face was priceless.

I was grateful when Johnny’s cousin Susie and her family (Jose & Kimberly) arrived at the park. They are Orlando residents and season pass holders. They jumped in as our personal tour guides which helped us navigate through the chaos.

A few more highlights of the day, riding the Monorail, Noah and Krue’s first roller coaster ride (Seven Dwarves Mine Train) and dinner tonight at O’hana which is located in the Polynesian Resort. The food was fabulous!

We chose to come back to the campground and do some swimming for the evening. The kids had been begging for hours to just go to the pool. I think they had just as much fun at the pool as they did in the park! I’ve got to remember, kids will be kids.

Now I am absolutely exhausted. I’m actually falling asleep as I type this. Goodnight.

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