Reflections 2015

Tonight we will say goodbye to 2015 and welcome 2016. These are the times, like everyone, that I feel like I should look back over the memories from the past year. One problem though, I can’t for the life of me think of the details. Yes, we had plenty of good times this year, but apparently my “mom brain” has prevented me from actually remembering them.

I started this post trying to remember one thing from each month. That proved to be very hard. I found myself looking through pictures taken over the year and I think these tell the story best.


Our Nephew turned 3!


Memaw can’t resist riding the slide with her kids.


The famous blue tiger picture. Church directory pictures were the NEXT DAY!





Logan turned 9! He asked for a pumpkin pie for his cake.

February brought

lots of snow days!



One month you are playing in snow, the next you are flying kites in shorts.


and playing with chalk in the driveway.
Movie time! Cinderella watching Cinderella.


Easter 2015

Easter 2015, Cousins


Baseball Season Begins!

One of my favorite pics of the year. Memaw and Noah watching the sky.
Our sweet niece Sadie turned 1!!!





Little Lambs Preschool

Cousins having fun!



Good times at

Brady Mountain


Nanny’s birthday dinner (sshhh…She’s 60!)
Noah turned 4!!!
Logan grew a giant cabbage.




Brady Mountain



 Fort Morgan, Alabama 2015

Beach Trip!! We went on a trip to Fort Morgan, Alabama with 11 of our friends and all 15 of our kids! Yep, call us crazy, 15 kids ages 2-10 in one giant beach house. It was a blast!!

Logan went to his first “stay away” camp in July. Centrikid 2015 at OBU.


Macy turned 6!
Macy’s 1st day of Kindergarten!
Logan’s first day of 4th Grade!

Macy turned 6 and she started Kindergarten. I will never forget the trip to school that first day. Logan, the experienced 4th grader, told Macy something that just completely set her off. She suddenly started crying and saying she was not going to go. I literally left her crying her little heart out sitting in her new class room. Apparently her day got better though, she was talking my ear off when she got off the bus that afternoon.


Macy won several 1st place, Best of Show and the EHC Award

for her picture at the Garland County Fair

We celebrated Papa Lee’s 80th birthday!

Football season is in full swing.
Wolf Fan Fridays
Sweet prayers during chapel time at Little Lambs Preschool.


Halloween! This is far from my favorite holiday, not that I even consider it a holiday. However, with kids it’s kind of obligatory. We had fun doing our usual chili dinner and trick or treating at my sister’s house one night and then hanging out at a friends house another night. I actually dressed up too.

Macy’s first field trip

Family Farm 2015

Our nephew Krue turned 3!! He’s our Halloween baby.


Our church hosted the Arkansas Baptists State Convention.

That meant a lot of long days for JB.

Finally got in a little bit of hunting.
She wasn’t too happy about the hunter orange.
Noah loves jeep riding.
Johnny made the best turkey I’ve ever had for Thanksgiving!


Family pictures with my sister’s family and my parents.


Christmas! This year it did not feel very “Christmasy” because it was almost 80 degrees outside! It’s hard to get in the Christmas spirit when your AC is on and you could wear shorts and flip flops.

Merry Christmas from a die hard Red Wolf Family!

I may not be able to remember a lot of details from the year but I do know that it was a very blessed year. We have healthy children, we have good jobs, we have a roof over our head and food in our bellies. I am thankful and humbled by the blessings that are overflowing before us.

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